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Achieving Remote Code Execution in Steam: a journey into the Remote Play protocol

4 Dec, 2023 by Valentino Ricotta

Remote Play Together, developed by Valve, allows sharing local multi-player games with friends over the network through streaming. The associated protocol is elaborate enough to shelter a valuable attack surface that has scarcely been ventured into in the past.

This post covers the reverse engineering of the protocol and client/server implementations inside Steam, before presenting a dedicated fuzzer that unveiled a few critical vulnerabilities.

ECW 2023: kaleidoscope (write-up)

kaleidoscope was a hard reverse engineering challenge created for the European Cyber Week CTF 2023 qualifiers, with a focus on Windows-specific mechanisms and VM-based obfuscation.

ECW 2021 - WriteUp

For the European Cyber Week CTF 2021 Thalium created some challenges in our core competencies: reverse and exploitation. This blog post presents some of the write-ups:

Thalium’s challenges have been less resolved than others. They were not that difficult, but probably a bit more unexpected. A few additional challenges designed by Thalium are: