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The Fuzzing Guide to the Galaxy: An Attempt with Android System Services

Although the Android base is open source, many different constructors customize it with their own UIs and APIs. All these additions represent an extra attack surface that can change from one phone model to another. We tried to automatically fuzz the closed-source system services powering these modifications, discovering CVE-2022-39907 and CVE-2022-39908 along the way.

Fuzzing RDPEGFX with "what the fuzz"

14 Oct, 2022 by Colas Le Guernic, Jérémy Rubert, and Anonymous from Thalium team
Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) client was fuzzed by various teams in the past few years, it thus seemed like a good target to try a recent snapshot fuzzer: what the fuzz (wtf) (of which we are only users). In this companion post to our Hexacon 2022 talk (slides, video) we’ll show how we took advantage of wtf flexibility in order to efficiently fuzz the RDPEGFX channel of Microsoft RDP client and uncover CVE-2022-30221.

Fuzzing Microsoft's RDP Client using Virtual Channels: Overview & Methodology

10 Nov, 2021 by Valentino Ricotta

This article begins my three-part series on fuzzing Microsoft’s RDP client. In this first installment, I set up a methodology for fuzzing Virtual Channels using WinAFL and share some of my findings.