ECW 2021 - WriteUp

For the European Cyber Week CTF 2021 Thalium created some challenges in our core competencies: reverse and exploitation. This blog post presents some of the write-ups:

Thalium’s challenges have been less resolved than others. They were not that difficult, but probably a bit more unexpected. A few additional challenges designed by Thalium are:

NT objects access tracing

7 Jun, 2021 by Arnaud Gatignol
Draw me a map As homework during the lockdown, I wanted to automate the attack surface analysis of a target on Windows. The main objective was to construct a view of a software architecture to highlight the attack surface (whether remote or local). The software architecture can be composed of several elements: processes privileges ipc etc Usually, software architecture analysis is done with tools that give a view at a specific time (ProcessHacker, WinObjEx, etc).

SSTIC : how to setup a ctf win10 pwn user environment

2 Jun, 2021 by Thalium
Introduction This post aims to present how to easily setup a lightweight secure user pwning environment for Windows. From your binary challenge communicating with stdin/stdout, this environment provides a multi-client broker listening on a socket, redirecting it to the IO of your binary, and executing it in a jail. This environment is mainly based on the project AppJaillauncher-rs from trailofbits, with some security fixes and some tips to easily setup the RW rights to the system files from the jail.

Cyber Apocalypse 2021 4/5 - Discovery

28 Apr, 2021 by Thalium team

One of the least solved challenges, yet probably not the most difficult one. It is a Hardware challenge, though it is significantly different from the other challenges of this category. The first thing to spot is that when starting the challenge machine, we have access to two network services:

  • an HTTP server, requesting an authentication
  • an AMQP broker, rabbitmq